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School and Educational Travelling

  • Directions

    Dear ladies, gentlemen, pupils and students,

    We would like to offer your schoolclasses an interesting and inexpensive stay in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. 

    Five good reasons to travel with us


    -          we are native in the Czech Republic and we can present not only favourable and up-to-date offers but also we are immediately ready on the spot in case you need our help during your stay

    -          we meet your group on the spot in person and help with the initial orientation. This performance is included in the basic price

    -          just before your arrival you get a comprehensive infomap of your destination, a hiking map and many tips for making your programme; this service is included in the price.

    -          if asked for, we organise also transport, trips, excursions, visits to discos, guided tours, lectures, etc.

    -          through direct contact with us, travelling is especially favourable


  • Accommodation


    On principle we offer accommodation in good, well-kept guest-houses or hotels with 2 – 4 people in a room, with shower/WC in the apartment or, exceptionally, with a shower/WC on the same floor.

    For teachers, or nurses, rooms are separate with the highest comfort. The hotels and guest houses are situated either in the centre or in the countryside nearby. All offer additionally clubrooms with, for example, table tennis, billiards, darts; some of them also include a sauna. In every place it is possible to arrange  an evening discotheque (or to visit a local

    discotheque nearby). During winter stays when there are any demands for skiing, our hotels and mountain chalets either have their own ski-lifts or are  situated not far from big ski-lifts.

    You will find some examples in Our hotels and guest houses, please, choose your preferential destination. Sorry, this page is at the moment only in German available. All the hotels marked with the codes B, C, or D are worth considering, in some cases also the ones marked A.

    There are given only a few examples. We have substantially more hotels and guest houses on offer. You can write down in your request the codenumber of the hotel you like; it is not a condition, if the hotel is free during your requested term, you will be given an offer from us. If not, we will make a similar alternate offer or you may write to us; yes, we like the hotel code ELB SCH –B 4, but this hotel is situated in the Czech Switzerland, we do not want to go there, have you got a similar hotel in the Eagel Mountains? etc. And we will gladly present you with an adequate offer. Or simply write to us what you put great emphasis on as accommodation is concerned. back

  • Catering

All the catering is predominantly local cuisine, however, we aim to meet the requirements of our foreign guests. Adequate, delicious food is served. Breakfast is served as a buffet with beverages, dinner is served as per menu in most of the hotels and guesthouses. It is also possible to order a set lunch before your arrival. You are able to order lunch or  to take lunchboxes with you on  trips. Also vegetarians can order special meals here.



  • Programme offer - booking of supplementary programe

    You will learn more about possibilities in each region in Travel destinations in the Czech Republic or Travel destinations in Slovakia .Please, choose there your preferable destination with help of the schematic map. You will find there more information about the region, and tips for trips and programme forming. According to your wishes you can book an extensive programme such as guided sightseeing tours, coach trips, visits to glassworks, artificial jewellery works or the Skoda car factory or breweries with beer tasting. There are also various sports activities, e.g. skiing courses, swimming, tennis, horseriding, bowling, cycling; and  the young can have a good time at a disco.In some places we can organize for you a meeting and sports competitions with Czech students.

    We also know good hiking routes if you wish to go on a walking trip. We leave here a lot of room for making your own trips if you like in which we are pleased to participate actively.

    For each trip you will be given extensive information, including materials about the different activities which are available. We recommend you to book additional activities at the time of the making contract, as on the spot it is possible only when there is capacity spare.

    If requested, we can provide qualified tourist guides for trips and excursions. For individual  actions, it is naturally necessary.

    You will be given also up-to-date informaterials for your destination and a map no later than one month before your arrival.

    By all means this can be included in every basic price; at your arrival you will be met by our travel agency delegate and you will be given important information and instructions on the spot.  We lay great emphasis on this.


  • Educational and Thematic Tours


    Recently we have noted a remarkable increase in your interest in thematic tours. There is a wide range of themes which are suited  for many school subjects, such as history, biology, astronomy, arts, architecture and sports.

    According to your wishes and ideas, we can organise also such tours.


  • Transport

Possibility 1

We have had good contacts with reliable foreign coach companies (e.g. in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, etc.) for years. These companies own modern coaches with the latest safety technology which are regularly technically checked.

These coaches will take you to your destination and also back home. It is also possible, if you wish so, for the coaches to be left on the spot, if not, Czech coaches can be used for possible trips.

Possibility 2

 The arrival by train, we wait for you with our coach at the railway station to take you to your hotel. It is also possible, if you wish, that the coach stays on the spot, if not we use our local coaches for possible trips.

The departure can be arranged by train or we take you straight to your school on our coach.

These coaches must adhere to the transport safety regulations.

Naturally, we can combine possibilities 1 and 2.


  • Our Prices


    As our young customers come from many European countries, and also within the bounds of individual countries, the distances to the chosen hotels differ. Therefore, it is not possible to set a uniform price, for example, for a 5-day-coach-tour.

    Firstly, the bus distances are different; secondly, the requests and the additional wishes of single groups differ individually. After receiving your request, we send you our concrete offer, by return of post.


  • Already now we can guarantee you a really exceptional agreement in price ratio. The price for one overnight stay, incl. half board, a room with a shower/WC, ranges between EUR 12 – 16,-, depending on the hotel and the season.



  • How can such a trip be arranged with us the quickest?

    First of all decide on your travel destination in Travel destinations in the Czech Republic and Travel destinations in Slovakia.

    At the end of each description of the destination you will find some programme examples. You may find there inspiration for your own programme during your stay.

    In Our hotels and guest-houses you may find your hotel or a tip. then it is sufficient to contact us (a letter, fax or e-mail) or only to call us. The more details we get from you at the beginning, the more exact our first offer will be.

    We also send the first offer straight away to the class representative; to proceede further and to arrange the booking we need at least to contact the teacher responsible for the trip.

    To contact us, please, click Post, then you will find our postal address, likewise the telephone number and the fax number and e-mail address. And also the general questionnaire which you can use for compiling your request.

    We look forward to your requests.