Leisure time for disabled people


Leisure time for disabled people

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We would like to offer an interesting and at the same time inexpensive stay in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to groups of disabled people.

Our offers are suitable for both, physically and mentally disabled people. Also people using a wheelchair can have a good choice from our attractive offers .

Having worked with groups of disabled people, we have come to the conclusion that, through

middlemen, travelling for disabled people is too expensive or if tours are cheap and at the beginning seem to be a bargain, the customers may experience disappointment, caused by inferior accommodation, catering and services.

With us it is possible to get good value for relatively little money.

The question of price is not the only one. For us, it is of a great importance that our customers are in direct contact with us from beginning to end, and the competent collegue who looks after the group from the first enquiry, will meet the group in person, as a rule, on the spot. He is also responsible during the course of the stay. In advance, he will give you a lot of useful information and inside tips on the phone.

We, as the native Czechs, know best our way about our country, we have visited the destinations in person and we can answer all your questions correctly and in great detail.
We have been offering stays for disabled people and for seniors, as well as for other groups, since 1995. Nowadays, some groups contact us again all-year-round and they express their wish to come again. We are very pleased by this fact and we feel an obligation for the future.

We offer not only accommodation, but also an extensive programme, such as coach trips and excursions, e.g. to glassworks, jewellery works, the ŠKODA car factory, breweries with beer tasting or enjoyable evenings with dancing to Bohemian or Slovak folk music, roasting a piglet. We know wonderful hiking routes, in case our guests want to walk in the countryside.

/Possible excursions and programmes naturally depend on the place of your stay/.

Our guides, such as Mr and Mrs Cerny, Mrs Zuzanek, Mr Matejicek and Mr and Mrs Houst, are retired teachers, who took up this work as a hobby and they are very popular with our customers. Mr Zuzanek can create very friendly atmosphere and jolly mood with his singing.

Our programme is naturally arranged according to the disability of our guests.

We meet each group in person on the day of the arrival, we acquaint our guests with the surroundings and with the programme. Each group is given an extensive Infomap and during your stay, we are available and ready to help. These activities include only basic prices.

For bigger groups with disabled people, we arrange, if required, a guide-interpreter for the whole period of the stay.

As a matter of principle, we offer accommodation only in good, well-kept guest houses and hotels which also meet our guests´ special requirements; with 1 – 2 people in a room, with shower / WC in the apartment, often with a TV set and a fridge.

We have special offers for people using a wheelchair. It stands to reason that the staff must have a feel for disabled people. In this regard, we have done our best in this matter to satisfy our customers.

Our contractual hotels and guest houses are situated in many interesting places in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – see ´The Destinations in the Czech Republic´ and ´The Destinations in Slovakia.   


Before you decide on a definite area, we would like to present our offer.

For small groups - up to 12, maximum 14 people -  we recommend our holiday houses in the Czech Paradise in Branžež. Meals are available in the hotel restaurant at a distance of about 300 metres from the house.

The same offer is also intended for families with children travelling on their own.

The same purpose serves also our second holiday house in Čejetice for a maximum of  8 people.You will find both offers under Our holiday houses

 It is not our intention to make you some ´cheap offer´with bad accommodation, catering, etc.

Not only do we lay great emphasis on quality, an interesting programme and an extensive RUNDUM – Service on the Spot; all that for moderate price.

Payment is made mostly on the spot, after the arrival. As a rule, we do not ask for any deposit. In case you do not want to take cash with you, the money can also be transferred to our account in Germany.

It is possible for you to be shown our offer on the spot first; especially for bigger groups with an extensive programme, it is useful. We would like to invite you for a preliminary informative visit; will you, please, arrange a specific date with us in advance?

Dear friends,

If you wish to come to the Czech Republic or to Slovakia we would feel honoured to welcome your group here.

In such case, please, pay special attention to Post. You will find there not only our address, telephone and fax numbers, but also as an option a questionnaire which you can fill in and

e-mail or send by post. It is sufficient to call us or to send us a short fax or a letter. We will contact you as soon as possible.

You will learn more under About us.

We look forward to receiving your first requests.