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Our hotels and guest houses

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Our customers are mostly very different groups, such as school groups, disabled people, sportsgroups, associations, communities, which differ in size - from 9 to 100 people - and in dissimilar interests and requirements. One hotel is hardly ideal for all groups. Also lengths of stay differ greatly from one group to another - from 2 to 30 days. In addition to that also comes the fact that every group can or wishes to arrive on a special date. Some groups also place great importance on a freetime offer of the hotels, the others on trips etc.

For all these reasons it is hardly possible to plan reservations in advance and publish a catalogue where fixed prices, fixed dates and fixed numbers of booked rooms are given.

The more flexible we are, the better we react to your wishes. All-year-round many new hotels and quest houses are newly set up or rebuilt, therefore through our mode of operating our offer is always up-to-date and comprehensive.

We continually check our hotels and guest houses, look for new ones and check upon them. You can be sure that we present a really good tailor-made offer to you.

As a matter of course, if you wish you can meet our representative of group and see the hotel before.

Have yourselves pleasantly suprised.

Here you can find some examples of our offer. To prevent any misunderstanding, the hotels are provided with codenames. When you like one particular hotel from our offer, write, please, only the codename to us, we gladly show you the offer. If you like from our offer, e.g. a hotel in the Bohemian-Saxon-Switzerland but you would like to go e.g. to the Eagle Mountains, write this fact to us, we present you with a corresponding offer in your destination. Or you can simply write your requests about your hotel. Sorry, the hotel page ist only in German language available !!!

Our hotels and guest houses