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Destinations in the Czech Republic






Destinations in the Czech Republic




The former Czechoslovakia was devided into two successor countries, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. The territory of the Czech Republic lies at the very heart of central Europe. To the West it borders on Germany, to the North on Poland, to the East on Slovakia and to the South on Austria. It covers an area of 78.000 km2 and has about 10 million inhabitants. The majority of the inhabitants are Czechs. However, there  are also national minorities living in the Republic, such Slovaks, Poles, Germans and Romany.


The unit of currency is Czech Koruna – CZK. 

The Czech Republic is a úart of the European Union. The prices are very moderate in comparison with other european countries

The rate ist 26,-CZK for 1 EUR or 19 CZK for 1 USD - 2009


lunch incl.drink and sweet: 130,-CZK

1 beer 0.5 l - 30,-CZK

entry museum - 30-80 CZK