Offers for travel agencies and travel providers


Offers for travel agencies and travel providers

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Our travel agency cooperates with some other good travel agencies. If you are interested, we are ready to help you and your customers with organizing stays in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. You will learn more in About us.

We help you with choice of your hotel, with making a complete programme and organizing your stays, as well as with local tour guiding and care.

During your stay we first greet your customers personally in your name and offer the first help with the initial orientation. If it is possible, we are near at hand to help you further, if necessary. If you wish, you will be given our experienced travel guiding, such as buses for trips and transport.

As we are a bulk purchaser at several hotels and guest houses, we can offer you reasonable prices. This is also reasonable for such travel agencies which organize only some travels occasionally.

To travel agencies which want only to act as a mediator, we can offer our travels for commission on intervention. We will also be very grateful for mediating our own holiday houses – see Our holiday houses.

If you are interested, get in touch with us through Post.

We look forward to meeting you .