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Travelling for companies, trainings, conferences and incentives


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§         Dear ladies and gentlemen!


Our travel agency has been working in this field for various customers from different branches for several years. We donīt work only for our customers from abroad but also for domestic customers ,mostly for successful domestic producers. As these actions are carried out by a specialized team that is given some tasks in a practical way; firstly we intend to offer a stand - alone internet presentation of incentives. Howevr, there eas an outweighing opinion that we should present all our activies on our internet addresse .



  • What can we offer you?


o         Company travel

If your firm intends to come to us with your fellow workers, then support of the corporate-identity is your main objective. To reach this objective, we place emphasis mainly on such actions which can encourage and develop the team spirit, collective responsibility and unity feeling of the fellow workers. Thatīs why various games, sports and outdoor activities are not planned or interpreted traditionally. Everything is completed with a good accompanying programme - see further.

Naturally, also such company travels which are recognized to be rather tourist can be mentioned where the programme offer beside good food and drink and accommodation is decisive. Also in this case we are naturally here for you.


o        Trainings


Trainings are very favourite in the Czech Republic for two reasons. The former is that such a training takes place in an interesting foreign country where are many possibilities for supplementary programmes at your disposal. The latter is the cost, as you pay for a training at a good hotel, lasting several days, significantly less (incl. the distance and travel costs) than for a training at home.


Thatīs why such trainings are also interesting for small firms.


We offer you for your trainings the use of our hotels which are situated in attractive places. And also those hotels which are in the countryside in case you would like to stay away from hustle and bustle. According to your requests we can offer you various hotels in different price categories. And also  hotels where you can stay only with your group alone. Many hotels have conference halls and facilities available, and are very well equipped, such as with a swimming pool, a sauna, a fitness centre. After the training we organize for you a special accompanying programme according to your wish – see further.


o        Conferences and incentives

Our help already begins with an extensive and professional consultation according to marketing. To that also belongs great creativity. This is just the quality which is in our team exceptionally developed and valued. Your travel incentive should range among unforgetable positive experiences for all the concerned still to remember after years. In this way this common experience, which consists of various details, must be identified by the customer firm and with concrete marketing plans.

This is the task for our team. According to your plan we prepare a preparatory  programme, a time and cost plan. After we specify everything with you and after the booking, you are given a detailed time and cost plan. However, when an order is bigger we come to you, also repeatedly if necessary, to discuss and make everything clear in person.

During the action itself we take charge of organization through our staff. Finally, a detailed final statement of account is submitted to the customer. According to  actual facts and wishes, a final report is prepared and a follow-up mailing to all participants is sent.


§          To accompanying programme

The Czech Republic and Slovakia are countries which pride themselves not only on the beauties of nature but also they are rich in historical sightseeings and at that there is sprightly cultural life. We take these two facts into consideration when preparing an accompanying programme.

The capital Prague attracts our visitors like a magnet, and straight there we, as a home agency, can make an interesting programme. However, not only in Prague. As there are a lot of castles and chateaux in excellent state of preservation which are plentifully visited by our customers. If such a visit is realized, then in the proper manner, visitors are greeted with the trombones and drinks in castle courtyard where historical fencing and a fight in period costumes take place. The visitors are ushered into the knight hall by the staff in period costumes and attended to. After that a lavish several-course old Czech meal can be served. During the whole event background period music is played. The music is live. In between a juggler can show his skill. At the end there are colourful fireworks on.

Not only on food do people live. There are plenty of opportunities to go to concerts or to the world-famous theatre Laterna Magica. Steamer trips with a special programme provide a good experience on the river Vltava. However, your heart will throb even stronger when going by balloon. You can test your skillfulness in our glassworks. There are also many outdoor activities which strengthen your team spirit.

We are not to give away too much. We would be glad to put forward all our offers in person. There are many various possibilities and it depends entirely on you what you choose.


§         How an incentive with us is realized


Contact us simply through Post. You may wish to learn more about us, then you are perfectly right in About us. If you wish to learn more about the Czech Republic and Slovakia, make inquiries in Destinations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


We look forward to receiving your inquiries.