imageAssociation, sport and club travelling

Association, sport and club travelling

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We would like to invite you warmly to participate in association tours, sport or club travelling in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

That makes no difference whether you are a fire brigade, bowling association or a football team, whether you intend only to unwind here, enjoy yourselves, whether you want to make a training camp, then you have come to the right addresse.

We organize for you not only favourable accommodation with catering but also an extensive programme according to your wish.

It means that you can go in for your hobby in our country; when e.g. a bowling association comes, they donīt have to give up bowling during their stay, and to that come pleasant trips, if asked for, also a brewery excursion with beer tasting, a visit to a wine cellar, dancing in the evenings or roasting a pig, etc.

If e.g. a music school comes, we organize a concert where the artists can perform.

Also our guests who wish to make a camp in our country, they donīt get a bad.

We offer various possibilities for different sports, e.g. for swimmers we provide a good 50 m long swimming pool for a very low price, for footballers a football pitch, for basketball players a sports hall, etc.

In some cases it is possible  to organize a friendly match with a home team. There are also many other various possibilities and it depends on your ideas and the way you wish to make your tour.

Get easily in touch with us.

And how is it all realized?

First of all we ask you to familiarize yourselves with our general offer only without obligation. You will find the general offer under About us.

Then pay, please, special attention to Destinations in the Czech Republic and Destinations in Slovakia, depending on where you would like to go.

We think the internet is a useful thing but fortunately nothing can replace a personal contact. Thatīs why we ask you to get in touch with us only without obligation.

Click Post. From there  you can send us an e-mail with your usual introduction, you will find there also a questionnaire which you can fill in and e-mail to us. There are also our telephone and fax numbers and our addresse in case you prefer correspondence.

And then...

Then you will hear from us soon.

After we receive your first request, we usually must speak to you on the phone in order to be able to accept your wishes and ideas.

On that score,  remember, please, to write your telephone number and your name.

If you are a group, it is possible and advantageous to have our offer shown on the spot and we allow ourselves to invite our partner and their family only without obligation for 3 days to the Czech Republic. The arrival day is as a rule a Friday by your own transport, the departure day is a Saturday and you stay in Our holiday houses in Čejetice or in Branžež . There is enough time to show everything and discuss the matter and enough time to make a trip to Prague, to the Giant Mountains, the Eagel Mountains or to the Czech Paradise. If you wish to stay longer than 2 nights, you will pay only a reduced price. The date must be arranged in advance .

We invite you warmly.

We look forward to meeting you . ¨