About us


About us

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear friends !

We would like to welcome you warmly and introduce ourselves briefly.

We are a family company coming from Bohemia in the Czech Republic.

As we come from the Czech Republic, and we know this country very well as well as bordering Slovakia, we finally decided to specialize in both countries. Therefore, we cannot offer our customers travels around the world. You cannot discover exotic countries with us somewhere far away, but two wonderful countries in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.


However, these two countries can offer a lot of things, which are admired by foreign visiters. Not only beautiful landscapes which our guests have the opportunity to discover, such as the Giant Mountains, the Jizera Mountains, the Czech Paradise, the Šumava Mountains or the High Tatras, but also a lot of sights, e.g. countless castles, palaces, not to mention the tradition of old handicrafts with many national specialities and with delicious beer.

Those customers who wish to spend their holiday sportingly, will find here a wide range of various possibilities.

Such specialization in two countries naturally brings many benefits for our customers. Certainly, we know very well and personally all our destinations, including the hotels and guest houses we offer (not second-hand), which is also a big benefit for our  customers.


However, not only that:

  •  through direct personal contact with us, travelling is reasonably cheap

  • just before booking, a customer, usually a representative of the group, is  given an opportunity to see, with their own eyes, the chosen destination. We will take them there and together we will specify our complete offer according to our customer´s wishes. In case that our customer´s personal visit is not possible, we are ready to help you with your decision by means of our brochures and also videorecordings. We are pleased to enable our customer to watch video cassettes recorded by our agency  in the place of your stay.

    If the matter is urgent, we can send you the photos by e-mail .
  • each customer is given a comprehensive infomap for their destination before their arrival
  • after the arrival we meet each group personally and help with the initial orientation
  •  if it is possible, we will give you a helping hand on the spot

  • finally, your money is safe , as we ask for only a small amount from the final price (a deposit) one month before the arrival and the rest can be paid after the arrival, either in cash, or to our bank account abroad (e.g. in Germany)

Mostly, we organise our tours not only for various groups but also we have offers for individual visitors, such as our holiday houses or travelling for families with children, and also motorbike tours. Independent tourists, e.g. a family, can certainly contact us. We can arrange for them favourable accommodation and catering at the chosen destination, - see ´Destinations in the Czech Republic´, ´Destinations in Slovakia´.

As we have already mentioned, the focus of our activities lies in working with groups . Our company consists of four departments and these are responsible for the following:

  1.  Tours for elderly people, Health resort stays, Leisure time for disabled people

  2. School and Educational travelling, Our children´s camp

  3. Association, sport, and club travelling

  4. Travelling for companies, training and incentives

The other focuses, such as travelling for families with children and our holiday houses are practical for individual customers and also for motorcyclists, which is in our company something close to our boss´s heart, as our owner is a keen motocyclist himself and he organises these trips with enthusiasm.


And what in fact can we do for you? ( in short)

At the destination, which you have chosen  - see ´Destinations in the Czech Republic´and ´Destinations in Slovakia´- we will arrange for you good and relatively cheap accommodation and catering; according to your wishes as far as comfort and price is concerned – in carefully chosen and well-tried hotels and guest houses. If you wish, we will take you there, and after you have relaxed, back home again on our coaches.

After our basic conversation, we will prepare for you a suitable programme according to your requests, including e.g. trips, sportsprogrammes, cultural programmes, excursions to breweries, glassworks, the Škoda car factory etc., with lectures, meetings, hiking trips, dancing music, discos, roasting piglets, and many more – see our offer for special groups.

If you wish, we can provide you with an experienced guide who will take care of you during your stay. 

Have you already acquired a liking for travelling in the Czech Republic or Slovakia? If you have, please, carry on reading, how easily, and without complications, travelling with us can be accomplished.

If you haven´t, carry on surfing our offers only for fun, especially in the ´Destinations in the Czech Republic´and ´Destinations in Slovakia´. We hope the desire for travelling will come to you one day.

If you wish to make enquiries, please, do as follows:

It is sufficient if you send us a short e-mail, call us, or only send us a fax or a short letter. For making contact, please, see Post. There you will find not only our postal address, telephone and fax numbers, but also e-mail address and a simple questionnaire. You can fill in this questionnaire and send it back to us.

First of all you should perhaps get acquainted with our destinations – see ´Destinations in the Czech Republic´and ´Destinations in Slovakia´- and also with our offer for special groups – see  Main Page.

It does not matter which way of contacting us you choose. However, we ask you, if it is possible, to give us a telephone number and the name of the person who could be contacted if we have some questions. We will call you back as soon as possible, also in the evening, if you so wish.

Naturally, the preparation takes less time, if you can give us more information at the very beginning. Would you, please, therefore answer the questions in the questionnaire in Post?


We look forward to your request.


MSc Josef Ječný

business manager